Trump’s rush to the Middle East in the prism of offensive realism

By Ayaz Ahmed Introduction In 1945, the US State Department closely observed that: "the resources of the Middle East are a stupendous source of strategic power and one of the greatest material prizes in the world history."   Presumably, the effective control over the topsy-turvy Middle Eastern affairs — both economic and security — can [...]


Russia and the US: another cold war?

By Ayaz Ahmed During his election campaign, President Trump repeatedly demonstrated his alacrity to bury the hatchet with Russia and work with President Putin to resolve the protracted Syrian and Afghan conflicts. This led liberals in the US to challenge pessimistic view of the realists by foreseeing a period of meaningful cooperation between the Cold [...]

Behind the veneer

By Ayaz Ahmed In 1945, the US State Department observed that: “the resources of the Middle East are a stupendous source of strategic power and one of the greatest material prizes in the world history”. Although all American presidents before Donald Trump attached paramount importance to the oil-rich Arab monarchies in the Middle East, they [...]

  LUCCA, Italy - The Group of Seven major global powers were joined by Middle Eastern allies on Tuesday in a push to isolate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, hours before the U.S. secretary of state flies to Moscow, Assad's top backer. G7 foreign ministers sat down early on Tuesday with their counterparts from Turkey, Saudi [...]


By Moin Qazi Of all the lawful acts the most detestable to God is divorce - Prophet Muhammad (This an authentic saying recorded by Abdullah ibn Umar, a highly respected companion of the prophet in an authoritative treatise "Divorce (Kitab Al-Talaq)" of Sunan Abu-Dawud (Ref. 63-2173) The issue of instant triple talaq has over-fatigued, and [...]

Iran condemn US airstrikes against Syria

ANKARA - Iran said it strongly condemned U.S. missile strikes against a Syrian airbase, the Students News Agency ISNA quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman as saying on Friday. "Iran strongly condemns any such unilateral strikes ... such measures will strengthen terrorists in Syria ... and it will complicate the situation in Syria and the region," ISNA [...]

Syrian monitor says at least four soldiers killed

Beirut - The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least four Syrian soldiers including a senior officer were killed in the US missile attack that had almost completely destroyed a Syrian airbase near Homs city. The Syrian military could not immediately be reached for comment on the report by the British-based group, which said its [...]

MOSCOW  - Russia will argue at the United Nations that an apparent chemical attack that left scores dead in Syria was in fact contamination caused by rebels' chemical munitions, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday. Russia has already suggested it would publicly stand by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. "Russia and its armed forces will [...]

Russia’s new great game

By Ayaz Ahmed The recent Russian diplomatic overtures towards Afghan peace and its secret rapprochement with the Taliban show that Russia wants to play a new Great Game in Afghanistan. In this regard, Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to have capitalised on the fateful election of Donald Trump as the US president to steadily outsmart [...]

Resurgent Russia Joins Great Game In South Asia

By Harsh V Pant Russia’s efforts to emerge as a more consequential global security actor center on diminishing US influence, and its next battleground could be South Asia. Russia has revamped its South Asia policy in recent months with a major outreach to Pakistan and stepping forward as a power broker in Afghanistan, its former [...]

China-Russia Strategic Cooperation: The West Has So Far Gotten It Wrong

By Alexander Korolev A comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Russia is something that has not been taken seriously in the post-Cold War Western academic and “think tank” communities. While it was implicitly recognised that a potential alignment between the two Eurasian great powers may have tremendous geopolitical ramifications and the potential to transform the [...]


By  Dr Moin Qazi Paradoxically, it is the women who rely on the veil to signal to others that the argument that veil is indicative of oppression has no logic. A woman can wear it as an instrument of modesty, yet still, embrace all of the rights and opportunities are given to other modern women. [...]

Daesh’s battle for Afghanistan

By Ayaz Ahmed Militants disguised as medics stormed the Sardar Daud Khan Hospital in Kabul on March 8, killing at least 35 people and wounding dozens. Through its Amaq News Agency, Daesh claimed responsibility for the deadly assault on the 40-bed military hospital. Though mostly contained by American airstrikes, the militant group seems to be steadily gaining [...]

The Maldives: Paradise for jihadists?

By Francesca Borri Disillusioned by the rotten regime, high rates of crime and violence and the moral corruption of Islam in the country, much Maldivian youth decide to go to Syria to fight with ISIS, looking for brotherhood and a new life. And when they're done with Syria, they'll set their sights on Israel: 'It [...]

North Korean missile launch fails – US military says

By Ju-min Park SEOUL  - A North Korean missile launch failed on Wednesday, with the rocket exploding within seconds, the US military said, the latest in a series of North Korean weapons tests to rattle its neighbours and raise tension in the region. South Korea said the apparent test launch of one missile by nuclear-capable [...]


By  Dr Moin Qazi One of the Islamic symbols that has been engaging great attention of the western world is the veil –the hijab (Muslim tradition of veiling a scarf wrapped tightly around the heads to conceal every wisp of hair). The European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg), the European Union's top law court, [...]

Timeline: South Korea’s impeached President Park Geun-hye

Ousted South Korean President Park Geun-hye appeared before prosecutors on Tuesday to face questioning as a criminal suspect in a corruption investigation that has cost her the presidency. Park, 65, becomes the country's first democratically elected leader to be ousted from office, when, on March 10, the Constitutional Court upheld a parliamentary impeachment vote. A [...]


By Rachel Ansley  The rapidly climbing numbers of Russians fleeing the country in search of political freedom and economic opportunity in the West has become the greatest threat to the stability of the Russian Federation, said an Atlantic Council analyst. According to Alina Polyakova, director of research for Europe and Eurasia at the Atlantic Council, “the [...]

Assault On Boat Off Coast Of Yemen Kills Over 40 Somali Refugees

An Apache gunship opened fire on a boat carrying Somali refugees off the coast of Yemen early Friday morning killing at least 42 people and wounding dozens of others. The boat, which came under attack 30 miles off the Yemeni coast, was reportedly ferrying more than 100 men, women and children from Sudan. Bullets from [...]

How much is an Afghan life worth?

By Idrees Ali WASHINGTON - In March 2014, the US military paid an Afghan man just over $1,000 to compensate for killing his civilian son in an operation near the border with Iran, according to US military records released to Reuters.    Six months later, another Afghan father was given $10,000 by the US military [...]