Environmental pollution in Asia

Our earth is a paradise if we live on it in a sensible manner. Unfortunately, man is extremely misusing the resources of the earth which can spell doom for his own existence. Asia is  amongst those places which are getting highly polluted day by day. Due to excessive use of coal and petroleum products by China and India, the air, soil, water and space of the continent are getting highly polluted  by each passing day. 
  Poisonous emissions from chimneys of factories and automobiles and felling down of trees are the main causes of severe air pollution in the region. And excessive use of insecticides and pesticides is also causing soil pollution.

  Water channels like rivers and canals of Asia are getting polluted due to the release of highly deleterious effluents into them by the industrial units. Moreover, experimental nuclear explosions and leakages from nuclear plants can cause atmospheric pollution. Noise pollution can also be a destructive environmental issue as it can cause great injury to our delicate nerves. In fact, all kinds of pollution are harmful to men in one way or another.  The regional countries particularly India and China should take prompt and serious actions to curb all factors and causes of the environmental pollution to save the regional from the specter of  the environment pollution.

Ayesha Abdul Nasir, Karachi Pakistan.


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