deforestation in Pakistan

Massive deforestation is a major environmental concern in climate-stricken Pakistan. It includes cutting down, burning and destructing of forests for commercial use. Such deforestation has instigated tragic loss of countless plants and natural habitat for animals.  According to some reports, Pakistan has the highest deforestation rate in Asia; its forest reserves are shrinking at a rate of one percent.

Overpopulation, urbanization, construction of dams and roads, haphazard industrialization, overgrazing of animals and exports of wood are the underlying causes for uncontrollable deforestation in Pakistan.

Lack of forests has increased the level of ominous pollution, torrential rains, flash floods, scarcity of food and release of massive carbon dioxide to the country’s atmosphere.

If the government wishes to safeguard declining forests and animals, it should craft and implement effective and stringent measures against deforestation on an urgent basis. Moreover, people should be encouraged towards forestation across the country.

Ayesha Adul Nasir, Karachi Pakistan.


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