Cyber Crime Bill-some loopholes

Gwadar: The Senate Committee on Information Technology has lately approved the Cyber Crime Bill 2015. It was quite welcoming to see that up to three years imprisonment and fine of Rs.1 million for making changes in a wireless set or a cell phone for anti-state activities have been recommended. 

   In practice, the incumbent government is exercising indifference over the rampant and open sale of snatched mobile phones. Such phones are arguably used by terrorists and extortionists to attain their nefarious designs across the country. Due to this, the lay man is facing serious hurdles to carry phones outdoors.  The government should take immediate and stringent measures to stop the deal and procurement of such looted gadgets.

   In this regard, it should be mandatory to take the thumb impression through  the biometric process for user verification for mobile SIM card issuance.  Similarly, for the resale of mobile phones, the submission of CNIC should also be made compulsory. If the government takes such kind of actions seriously, it will discourage the snatchers to snatch and sell such cell phones at the market. The government should take these marked grievances of the people into consideration while crafting such important legislations.

Muhammad Javed Siddique

Gwadar, Pakistan


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