Kazakhstan’s history and great thinkers

Dmitry Shlapentokh Kazakhstan may appear insignificant on the global chessboard but it offers important lessons for the national identity for people in the entire Central Asian region and beyond. Great Thinkers of the Kazakh Steppe by Yerkebulan Dzhelbuldin (Dana Jeteyeva, translator); AuthorHouse, 138 pages, $12.18; 2016. Considering the author of this book and the publisher, [...]


Putin and the Ayatollah: A Bromance to Watch

By David Patrikarakos Of all today’s political bromances, perhaps the most interesting is between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Russia and Iran have enjoyed strong economic links since 1991, when Moscow agreed to build Iran’s nuclear reactor at Bushehr. Russia badly needed the cash; Iran badly needed the expertise: [...]

Russia secures energy deals, talks security with China as Putin visit

By Denis Dyomkin BEIJING - Russia and China sealed a raft of energy deals during President Vladimir Putin's visit to Beijing on Saturday, strengthening economic ties while pledging to preserve the strategic balance of power among nations. The deals involve the sale of stakes in a number of Russian projects to Chinese firms, an oil [...]

Is Chabahar not a rival to Gwadar?

By Sidra Ahmed In an attempt of reconciliation, Mehdi Honerdoost, the Iranian ambassador to Pakistan, on Friday lucidly voiced Iranian vision of regional cooperation with reference to Chabahar port agreement between Iran, India and Afghanistan.  To him, the accord on Chabahar port is "not finished" and "not limited to these three countries". Rather, it could [...]