Russia and the US: another cold war?

By Ayaz Ahmed During his election campaign, President Trump repeatedly demonstrated his alacrity to bury the hatchet with Russia and work with President Putin to resolve the protracted Syrian and Afghan conflicts. This led liberals in the US to challenge pessimistic view of the realists by foreseeing a period of meaningful cooperation between the Cold […]

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By Ju-min Park and Kaori Kaneko  SEOUL/TOKYO: North Korea fired four ballistic missiles into the sea off Japan’s northwest coast early on Monday, South Korean and Japanese officials said, days after the reclusive state promised retaliation over US-South Korea military drills it sees as a preparation for war. South Korea’s military said the missiles were unlikely to have been […]

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The Iran factor in CPEC

By Ayaz Ahmed After considering the long-term feasibility and effectiveness of  CPEC, Iran has displayed its inclination to join the grand economic corridor. If  CPEC is converted into the China-Pakistan-Iran Economic Corridor (CPIEC), it will make the corridor a greater and safer game-changer in terms of regional trade and connectivity. Both Pakistan and China should […]

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Is the US a declining power?

By Ayaz Ahmed According to Global Trends 2030, compiled by the National Intelligence Council, the US will lose its superpower status by 2030. A recent Pew Research Center’s public opinion survey has found that an increasing number of Americans fearfully view China as the next global superpower. And some analysts predict rising Russia as the […]

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Modi vs Nawaz

Ayaz Ahmed Diplomacy is an adroit art employed to manage relations with other countries for the attainment of core national interests. In this dexterous art, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has nimbly played his diplomatic cards by clinching massive trade deals with the energy-rich Middle Eastern countries in recent months. On the other side, Prime […]

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Is Chabahar not a rival to Gwadar?

By Sidra Ahmed In an attempt of reconciliation, Mehdi Honerdoost, the Iranian ambassador to Pakistan, on Friday lucidly voiced Iranian vision of regional cooperation with reference to Chabahar port agreement between Iran, India and Afghanistan.  To him, the accord on Chabahar port is “not finished” and “not limited to these three countries”. Rather, it could […]

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