Russia and the US: another cold war?

By Ayaz Ahmed During his election campaign, President Trump repeatedly demonstrated his alacrity to bury the hatchet with Russia and work with President Putin to resolve the protracted Syrian and Afghan conflicts. This led liberals in the US to challenge pessimistic view of the realists by foreseeing a period of meaningful cooperation between the Cold [...]


  LUCCA, Italy - The Group of Seven major global powers were joined by Middle Eastern allies on Tuesday in a push to isolate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, hours before the U.S. secretary of state flies to Moscow, Assad's top backer. G7 foreign ministers sat down early on Tuesday with their counterparts from Turkey, Saudi [...]

Iran condemn US airstrikes against Syria

ANKARA - Iran said it strongly condemned U.S. missile strikes against a Syrian airbase, the Students News Agency ISNA quoted Foreign Ministry spokesman as saying on Friday. "Iran strongly condemns any such unilateral strikes ... such measures will strengthen terrorists in Syria ... and it will complicate the situation in Syria and the region," ISNA [...]

Syrian monitor says at least four soldiers killed

Beirut - The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least four Syrian soldiers including a senior officer were killed in the US missile attack that had almost completely destroyed a Syrian airbase near Homs city. The Syrian military could not immediately be reached for comment on the report by the British-based group, which said its [...]

MOSCOW  - Russia will argue at the United Nations that an apparent chemical attack that left scores dead in Syria was in fact contamination caused by rebels' chemical munitions, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday. Russia has already suggested it would publicly stand by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. "Russia and its armed forces will [...]

Assault On Boat Off Coast Of Yemen Kills Over 40 Somali Refugees

An Apache gunship opened fire on a boat carrying Somali refugees off the coast of Yemen early Friday morning killing at least 42 people and wounding dozens of others. The boat, which came under attack 30 miles off the Yemeni coast, was reportedly ferrying more than 100 men, women and children from Sudan. Bullets from [...]

Parallels between Syrian Civil War And Soviet-Afghan Jihad

By Nauman Sadiq If we were to draw parallels between the Soviet-Afghan jihad of the ‘80s and the Syrian civil war of today, the Western powers used the training camps located in the Pak-Afgan border regions to train and arm the Afghan Mujahedeen against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. [...]

Trump invites Palestinian leader Abbas to White House: aide

By Luke Baker JERUSALEM  - US President Donald Trump on Friday invited Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the White House, an Abbas spokesman said, after the two leaders spoke by phone for the first time since Trump took office. "President Trump has extended an official invitation to President Abbas to visit the White House soon [...]

Only The Israeli Dead Matter: Israel’s Failure At Investigating Its Bloody Wars

By Dr. Ramzy Baroud At a glance, Israel appears a true democracy. Take a closer look, and that facade of democracy will soon dissipate, turning into something else entirely. Tuesday, February 28 was one of those moments. The chain of events was as follows: An official Israeli State Comptroller issued another report on the Israeli government’s handling of the July [...]

Iraq aims to drive Islamic State from west Mosul within a month

By Ahmed Rasheed and John Davison SULAIMANIYA/MOSUL (Reuters) - Iraqi forces aim to dislodge Islamic State militants from west Mosul within a month, despite gruelling urban combat in densely populated terrain, the head of the elite Counter Terrorism Service told Reuters on Thursday.   As Iraqi forces advance deeper into west Mosul, they are facing [...]

Destruction and Death stalk Yemen

Khadijah Ali More than 12,000 people have been killed in Yemen, most of them civilians, by the Saudi-led war. Damage to infrastructure is also immense. By attacking Yemen, the Bani Saud may have dug their own grave. It is almost two years since Bani Saud launched their genocidal war on Yemen, the poorest country in [...]

Netanyahu to meet Putin, says Iran seeks permanent foothold in Syria

by Jeffrey Heller Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Thursday to voice opposition to what the Israeli leader charged were Iran's attempts to establish a permanent military foothold in war-torn Syria. "In the framework of a (future peace agreement) or without one, Iran is attempting to [...]

Slow progress in Syria talks led by UN

By Tahir Mustafa The UN-brokered talks in Geneva made little progress because the opposition groups have not fully reconciled to the ground realities following the defeat of the terrorists in Aleppo. Their foreign sponsors do not want peace in Syria. Aware of the risks in arousing unrealistic expectations in the Syria peace talks in Geneva, [...]

China and Iran in US crosshairs

The Trump regime’s policy of courting Russia is designed to de-link it from China and Iran, two countries being targeted by the US. Will it succeed? Donald Trump may be a certified lunatic but the warlords he has assembled in his cabinet are no dunces; they are all serial killers and directly responsible for the [...]

Trump: trumpeting for a war on Iran?

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich  The Trump Administration’s rhetoric and actions have alarmed the world. The protests in response to his visa ban have overshadowed and distracted from a darker threat: war with Iran. Is the fear of the threat greater than the threat itself? The answer is not clear. Certainly Americans and non-Americans who took comfort [...]

Egypt’s oil minister makes rare trip to Iran for oil talks after Saudi suspension

By Eric Knecht CAIRO (Reuters) - Egyptian Petroleum Minister Tarek El Molla was on his way to Iran on Sunday to try to strike new oil deals, sources close to his delegation said at Cairo airport, after Saudi Arabia suspended its oil agreement last month. After that suspension, Egypt voted in favour of a Russian-backed UN [...]

Suing Saudi Arabia: overturning sovereign immunity in US courts

By Dr Binoy Kampmark It was momentous on one fundamental level. Here was the President of the United States, Barack Obama, holding the torch for a wretched ally the politicians on the Hill and others have had reservations over for many years.  Saudi Arabia, ever the thorn and asset of US interests, facing the grief [...]

Russia says US ‘aggression’ in Syria would mean ‘tectonic shifts’

"Direct aggression" by the United States toward the Syrian government and armed forces would lead to "frightening, tectonic shifts" in the Middle East, RIA news agency cited Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova as saying on Saturday. Russia and the United States back opposing sides in the Syrian conflict. A US-Russian brokered ceasefire in Syria [...]

UN atomic agency chief says Iran sticking to nuclear deal

Iran has kept to a nuclear deal it agreed with six world powers last year limiting its stockpiles of substances that could be used to make atomic weapons, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) told French daily Le Monde. Confirming the findings of a confidential report by the UN agency seen by [...]

Why the ceasefire in Syria won’t work

By Doyle McManus John Kerry’s new ceasefire in Syria, launched last week after negotiations with Russia, is an admirable effort to bring a measure of peace to a shattered land. But it’s almost certainly doomed to fail — despite the diligence and even passion that the United States Secretary of State has devoted to it. [...]